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Online Sales Counselor  651-333-4181 Main Office  651-289-6800


As we reflect on the reactions to our parade models, we see a common theme reverberating throughout in that the architecture and design of our model homes is truly an homage to our namesake – Creative Homes. We showcased twelve model homes on the 2018 Fall Parade of Homes in which six of our models showcased one of our new floor plans. We had the Atwood in Glen View Farm, the Augustine and the Bailey in Adelaide Landing, the Prescott in Easton Village and Liberty Ponds, and the opulent Ellsworth over in Hidden Meadows.


As the visitors came to speculate, many noticed the wider staircases, oversized windows, and tall ceilings showcased in our models. By making these subtle tweaks to all of our floor plans, it allows the home to feel more open. Although we have many different floor plans, each one is designed to be efficient for families of all sizes as we believe your home should reflect your lifestyle.


In addition to the accolades on the new floor plans, many raved about the incredible wall details tucked into our model homes. From the wainscoting woven throughout the Augustine model up in Adelaide landing to the floating shelving framing the fireplace in Easton Village, or the incredible tile and shiplap detail in the owner’s bathroom in the Ellsworth model at Hidden Meadows, our in-house designers did an incredible job showcasing the talent of our team in each one of our models. All of our models are designed to be an example of the astounding talent of our design team and the Parade models on the 2018 Fall Parade of Homes were no exception.


Over 3,100 individuals came out to see our Model Homes on the Fall Parade and we are so thankful for the wonderful people we met and the relationships that blossomed out of the Fall Parade.  We embrace all of the feedback we receive as we use it to propel us forward to be more innovative in our designs and it allows us the opportunity to continue to tailor our customer experience to the desires and dreams of everyone who walks through our model homes.