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Online Sales Counselor  651-333-4181 Main Office  651-289-6800

Summer is here, which means it’s time to swing open the doors to your patio and enjoy your backyard!  As you make your plans for barbecues and entertaining guests in the outdoor spaces of your home, it is important to consider the way your exterior lighting both defines and enhances the space.  Together with Creative Lighting, we put together a few tips and tricks to help you properly illuminate the exterior of your Creative home and make the most of your outdoor living area this summer.


Pictured: The Breckenridge


It's no secret that a first impression is a lasting impression. Each evening, the exterior lighting of your home plays a critical role in both illuminating your home to stand out above the rest in your community and provide guests with a warm welcome as they make their way to your front door.  Consider this lighting as a mere extension of the style of your home.  Wall mounted lanterns on either side of the entryway and garage add necessary light to greet your guests while additional post lighting can illuminate the landscaping to dramatically impact the curbside appeal of your home and provide added charm to your property.




In addition to illuminating the entryway and front exterior of your home, it is equally as important to make the most of your backyard environment. Similar to the entryway, this space should feel like a continuation of the indoor living space of your home.  In considering the lighting of your backyard and patio area, adding additional lighting elements to the space will provide a wonderful ambiance allowing you to better enjoy your outdoor environment well into the evening hours.  Think about those nights where you just needed a little extra of ambiance. What would happen if you added a statement chandelier over that patio table?  Perhaps a strand or two of outdoor string lights?? Either way, simply adding a few statement lighting pieces to this space can easily take your backyard from boring to blissful in the flick of a switch!  Furthermore, adding lighting to your landscape will illuminate paths and transform your beautiful landscaping.  The options of exterior rated, decorative lighting fixtures continue to grow- and YES, there are now several outdoor chandelier and pendant fixtures available.

Start planning your exterior spaces this year and enjoy the Minnesota Summer nights ahead with additional illumination from our friends at Creative Lighting. For more ideas on lighting your home, visit their website here!!