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Back-to-school season is right around the corner and with it comes rigid routines and busy after school schedules and suddenly planning a get-together with friends and family seems to be nearly impossible. Yet, before the monotony of routine sets back in, you may find yourself planning one last hurrah. A progressive dinner can be a great way to get back in touch with those around you. It is an opportunity to try some fabulous cooking without the cost and headache that comes with hosting a traditional get-together in one location as it’s ultimately a mobile meal with a dash of home tours, and a sprig of adventure. We're here with all the details to help you along the way.

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Plan the Route

Prior to throwing the actual party, you will need several people to ‘host’. Due to the mobile nature of a progressive dinner, plan to block out a 4-5-hour time slot for this event, with each ‘course’ stop to last approximately 45 minutes. Plan out your timing schedule and route based on your host’s home locations. This will also determine which ‘course’ each host will have at their house.

Each host should live within a 5-10-minute walk or drive of each other so that your socializing time is maximized, and travel time is minimized. If you’re feeling adventurous, rent a pedal pub to be your transportation around the neighborhood! This eliminates your need for a designated driver and allows you to enjoy some great brews along the way!

The typical size for a progressive dinner party should be around 6-10 people, but it can easily accommodate for more to join along the way! Be sure to include the schedule of the dinner, the addresses, and phone number of each host on your invites.


The Menu

Once your logistics are locked down, plan a menu together. Pick a theme for the night or turn it in to a cook-off of some sort - Mexican night with margaritas, Italian night with excellent wine, or perhaps a chili cook-off!

Each host should plan to prepare one course of the meal and should plan to have everything prepared ahead of time to make each stop smooth. Think of courses that can stay in a Crock-Pot or Insta-Pot, and make your mixes ahead of time for your cocktails! Sangria, mimosas, or margaritas can be a great solution for a crowd as they can be made in a larger batch and poured upon arrival! Check out our Summer Cocktail blog for ideas!

Ultimately, make it fun and light-hearted! Although there are more logistics to hosting a progressive dinner, it will make for a night to remember.  Cheers!!