Warranty Overview

Your Creative Home is covered under our 1-2-10 warranty which includes a one-year craftsmanship warranty during which you’ll see your Customer Care team twice for inspections, a two-year mechanical warranty, and a ten-year structural warranty.

All warranty requests for service will be addressed at your 60 Day & 11-Month Check-ins. In case of emergency, all emergency numbers are listed on the major mechanical appliances in the utility room. Our mechanical trade partners have dedicated 24-hour emergency contact lines to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 


1-Year Craftsmanship Warranty
Our craftsmanship warranty is a one-year warranty that covers any manufacturer or craftsmanship defects. Your home shall be free from defects in workmanship and or defective materials due to non-compliance with building standards.  For example, Creative Homes will address any drywall cracking and screw pops at the 11-Month Check-in as the variety of seasons in the Midwest can cause the materials in the home to settle and dry in different ways.

Please know that your new home does require active maintenance on your part. Any damage caused by you as the homeowner or made worse by negligence, improper maintenance or improper operation is excluded in our Builder’s Limited Warranty. Take precautions when moving and settling into your home.


2-Year Mechanical Warranty
Our mechanical warranty covers all of the equipment in the mechanical room including heating and cooling systems in addition to anything that is inside a wall including your electrical and plumbing systems. These systems should be free of defects and working according to building standards. 

Please consult your Homeowner Manual to understand how to best take care of these systems. The following Emergency Services are covered under this warranty for the first two years: total loss of heat, total loss of hot water, total loss of electricity for the home only - not the neighborhood, plumbing leak requiring entire water supply to be shut off, total sewage stoppage/backup within the first two years if caused by a plumbing defect. If stoppage is a result of improper homeowner usage or operation, then the issue is not warrantable. 


10-Year Structural Warranty
During the first ten years of home ownership, your home shall be free from major construction defects involving all load bearing structures. 

"Major construction defects" means actual damage to the load-bearing function of the home, of which vitally effects, or is imminently likely to effect the use of the dwelling for residential purposes to the extent that the home becomes unsafe, unsanitary, or otherwise unlivable. Such load-bearing components may include foundation systems and footings, beams, girders, lintels, load bearing walls and partitions, floor systems, and roof framing systems.

Damage to non-load bearing portions of the home may be covered by the one-year craftsmanship warranty but do not constitute a major structural defect.


Scheduling Warranty Service

Creative Homes will reach out to you to schedule your 60 day & 11 month Check-ins. Please be prepared to discuss any concerns you may have discovered during your time in your new home at these check-ins. Refer to your Limited Warranty Manual within your Homeowner Manual to see if your concerns fall within our warranty. You can view our Warranty Manual and Check-in Lists below.

Your homeowner manual contains many great resources for homeowner maintenance reminders and guides such as the Fall & Spring Checklists to help remind you what your home needs to successfully transition into the next season.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What about my appliances? 
Your appliances are warranted directly through the appliance manufacturer. After closing on your home, you need to register your appliances directly with manufacturer.

What happens if my sod dies after the winter?
Once your sod is laid, it is your responsibility to water and maintain. Dead sod after the winter months are not under warranty. At no cost to you, Creative has teamed up with our Irrigation Installer to provide a complimentary first time irrigation blow-out in preparation for shutting down the system for the first time.

I am the second owner of a Creative Home. Does the warranty still apply even if I am not the original owner of the home?
Yes! As long the warrantable items fall within our 1-2-10 warranty, your home is covered regardless of ownership.

I need to repaint my finishes. Do you have records of my selections?
Should you need to find your paint colors, or other finishes selected for your home, we do keep records of selection information dating back to 2014.

Does the manufacturer’s warranty still stand for my product? Who should I contact first?
If it is a mechanical issue or emergency, contact the installer of the product. All emergency numbers are listed on the major mechanical appliances in the utility room. Our mechanical trade partners have dedicated 24-hour emergency contacts, whereas Creative Homes operates during typical business hours.

Who is responsible for transferring utilities?
Immediately upon close, you must switch your utilities into your name. You will be provided with a list of the utilities and phone numbers at your closing.

Contact Information

A Creative Homes team member will reach out to you via phone or email to schedule your 60-Day & 11-Month check-ins.

The respective Customer Care Specialist for any offsite home will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

Please call 651-289-6818 or email warranty@creativehci.com to address any warranty issues or concerns. 

Hear From Our Homeowners

Creative Homes Testimonial

Wow! It's hard to know where to even start and I know I won't be able to list everything, but I have to try and tell you how we awesome we feel about the whole building process with Creative Homes and how much we truly love our new home. The process of building with Creative Homes was the most relaxing (sounds weird, but so true!) home building experience we have ever been through. The communication provided from the very start until the very end has been phenomenal. Not once during the whole process did we ever sit and wonder what was going on regarding our home.  I honestly wish I could name everyone behind the scenes at Creative Homes who works so hard to make customers like us have such an awesome home building experience. This company has the standards and employees that all companies should take note of and follow the example of. 

Gunderson Family
Creative Homes Testimonial

Me and my wife had the best experience with Creative Homes! They were very professional in their services. Our Creative Home sales rep, was outstanding!!!! He showed great customer service and went above and beyond his job to help our transition go smoothly. We definitely recommend Creative Homes for your next new home!

Kelley & Vanessa
Creative Homes Testimonial

We absolutely loved our new home from the first time we saw it, and have felt the same ever since moving in! From start to finish the entire process working with Creative Homes was smooth sailing. Eric Ostlund was always willing to answer our questions and go the extra mile to make sure we were happy. Everyone else we met from the company displayed the same friendly, professional, and courteous nature. We couldn't be happier with our house or our home buying experience!

Matt & Shannon
Creative Homes Testimonial

We recently moved into our new home built by Creative Homes and we absolutely love it! The attention to detail and quality throughout is first class! We've received so many compliments from people who have seen it. From start to finish we received top notch customer service that went above and beyond any expectations. We absolutely recommend Creative Homes to anyone considering a build. You'll be glad you did!

Creative Homes Testimonial

The entire time at Creative Homes has been phenomenal to work with through our building process. My sales specialist made the entire sales process a breeze, was detail oriented and spent a lot of time making sure that everything was just as I wanted. The neighborhood builder communicates to keep me "in the loop" and up to date on the schedule, work timeframes, walk throughs and is always available to answer questions. This is the 3rd time I have built and everything about the process has been second to none. The design center at their corporate office was amazing and allowed me the ability to see everything for my home in one place vs. carting tile, carpet and paint colors from one location to the next. And the trade partners that Creative works with have offered outstanding service and have been going above and beyond my expectations. I appreciate the entire Creative team and cannot speak highly enough of their work!!