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 Whether you are preparing to make the big move or are in the market to jazz up your tool shed, there are a few tools that are essential to being a homeowner. In no particular order, here are the 11 tools every homeowner should own:

Tool Blog-09-1Ascending ladder – Changing lightbulbs? Storing things in the garage? Hanging exterior lights? You might need a lift.


Tool Blog-03-1Basic Tape Measure – Purchasing new furniture? Be sure to measure the width of both the room dimensions and the door frames prior to purchase. It might fit in the room, but will it fit in the door?


Tool Blog-07-1Crescent wrench – The adjustable head of a crescent wrench makes it the perfect tool for a variety of purposes as its jaws will fit plenty of different sizes of nuts and bolts. 


drillDrill and Drill Bits – From hanging shelving to picture frames, a drill makes decorating your home a breeze. Be sure to purchase a pack of drill bits with plenty of options of both heads and sizes to accommodate any project.


Tool Blog-10-1Extension Cords (in various lengths) – Whether you need to add extra light to the party outside or add some light while you paint, an extension cord will always come in handy.


Tool Blog-06-1Faithful Tool Box – Of course you might need something to store all of this in. Enter, the faithful, trusty tool box.


Tool Blog-08-1Gigantic Wheelbarrow- Whether you’re spreading mulch, or raking leaves, a wheel barrow makes the job that much easier. 


Tool Blog-05-1Hardy Hammer – When it comes to the hammer, there is a method to their madness. The larger the hammer, the larger the nail it should drive. Choose wisely. 


Tool Blog-01-1Insightful Level – From hanging shelving to artwork, be sure to use a level prior to driving any nails into the wall – sight lines make all the difference. 


Tool Blog-02-1Jumbo Screw Driver Set – Whether you purchase a set of screw drivers in various sizes or a multi-bit screw driver with various bits, a screw driver set can help you tighten up any loose hinges in a breeze to make it just right. The more sizes the better.


Tool Blog-11-1Knife - From breaking down boxes to cutting zip ties, it’s always a good idea to keep a utility knife nearby.