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So what exactly does our Creative Homes Warranty cover? Here's the answer to all of your questions.

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An Overview of our Warranty

Your Creative Home is covered under our 1-2-10 Warranty which includes a one-year craftsmanship warranty, two check-up visits by our Customer Care Team, a two-year mechanical warranty, and a ten-year load-bearing structure warranty.

Craftsmanship One-Year Warranty:

Our craftsmanship warranty is a one-year warranty that covers any manufacturer or craftsmanship defects. Your home shall be free from defects in workmanship and or defective materials due to non-compliance with building standards.  Please know that your new home does require active maintenance on your part. These simple precautions and adjustments can save a great deal of money, time, and worry throughout the life of your home. Any damage caused by you as the homeowner or made worse by negligence, improper maintenance, or improper operation is excluded in our Builder’s Limited Warranty.

Mechanical Two-Year Warranty:

Our mechanical warranty covers all of the equipment in the mechanical room including heating, and cooling systems and anything that is inside a wall which includes your electrical and plumbing systems. These should be free of defects and be working according to building standards.

Structural Ten-Year Warranty:

During the first ten years of home ownership, your home shall be free from major construction defects involving all load-bearing structures. These include your foundation systems and footings, beams, columns, load-bearing walls and partitions, girders, lintels, floor systems, and roof framing systems.

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Requesting Warranty Service

To request warranty service within the terms of your warranty, you must report everything within writing within a year of your closing date. It is your responsibility as the homeowner to contact Creative Homes with any warrantable concerns. Refer to your Limited Warranty Manual within your Homeowner Manual to see if your request complies with our warranty. (Please reach out if you need a digital copy emailed to you.)

60 Day Check in – please submit your 60-day checklist within 30-60 days of closing on your home.

11-Month Check In – please submit your 11-month checklist 11 months after closing on your home to ensure all warrantable items are addressed by the one-year expiration date. Check for drywall touchups including cracking and screw pops that may occur as your home dries out and shifts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What about my appliances?

Your appliances are warranted directly through the appliance manufacturer. After closing on your home, you need to register your appliances directly with the manufacturer.

What happens if my sod dies after the winter?

Once your sod is laid, it is your responsibility to water and maintain. Sod that dies after the winter months is not under warranty.

I am the second owner of a Creative Home. Does the warranty still apply even if I am not the original owner of the home?

Yes! As long the warrantable items fall within our 1-2-10 Warranty, your home is covered regardless of ownership.

I need to repaint my finishes. Do you have records of my selections?

Should you need to find your paint colors or other finishes selected for your home, we do keep records of selection information dating back to 2014.

Does the manufacturer’s warranty still stand for my product? Who should I contact first?

If it is a mechanical issue or emergency, contact the installer of the product. All emergency numbers are listed on the major mechanical appliances in the utility room.

Do I have to transfer my utilities?

Yes. Immediately upon close, you must switch your utilities into your name. You will be provided with a list of the utilities and phone numbers at your closing.


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Warranty Contacts

Warranty requests can be sent via email or phone to:

Customer Care in all Wisconsin Neighborhoods, and Boulder Ponds (MN)

Contact: Travis Denzer – Customer Care Specialist


Mail: 707 Commerce Drive, Suite 410

Woodbury, MN 55125

Phone: 651-289-6818

Customer Care in all MN Neighborhoods

Contact: Chase Zeller - Customer Care Specialist


Mail: 707 Commerce Drive, Suite 410

Woodbury, MN 55125

Phone: 651-788-6098